Jalina Mhyana

Grindstone & Fog

I could be nude beneath the fog’s fleece. I’m invisible as God, who wraps his modest shawl around Scarborough. The Yorkshire coast is blind. The ships are blind; they can’t see their own masts. Their bones might soon wash up in a spray of spume...

Knaves & Whoresons

“I suicide, I suicide!” he cried out, en pointe, as if strung up by an invisible rope lashed to a rafter in the heaven of the homeless shelter. His hands collared his strangulated neck, a frill of starched fingers...

Jalina Mhyana

Jalina Mhyana is an American expat author of two books of poetry, Spikeseed and The Wishing Bones, the latter shortlisted and published by Pudding House Press. Mhyana, the Director of Poetry Readings at Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum, holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College. She is pursuing a Diploma in the History of Art at Oxford University where she was awarded a Dr. Sue Holman Travel Grant to study early modern talismans in Vienna. She was a finalist “Spotlight Writer” in Eclectica‘s summer 2014 issue for her creative nonfiction essay on ekphrasis in Venetian Renaissance painting. Mhyana lives along the Thames in Oxford, England where she’s learning to charm bees. Please visit her at jalina.co.uk.