About Burrow Press.

Burrow Press is the literary publisher of Stetson University’s MFA of the Americas program, focusing on collaboration, translation, and literature in the expanded field.

We publish award-winning poetry and prose in print (3-4 times a year) and online in Burrow Press Review. We do not accept queries for print books, but we do accept submissions to our online journal via Submittable.

Since 2010, BP has provided over 1,500 opportunities for writers to publish and share their work. We encourage adventurous readers to become Subscribers so we may continue our work for years to come. Scroll down to learn more.

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BP books are proudly available to bookstores & libraries via Asterism, a wholesale platform run by and for small presses.

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Ryan Rivas, Publisher & BP Books Editor
Kyo Padgett, BP Review Art Editor
Bre’Anna Bivens, BP Review Special Issue Editor


Burrow Press exists because of adventurous readers like you. Subscribers directly support our publishing program, allowing us to take more artistic risks and provide a home for work that might otherwise be overlooked by “the big 5” corporate publishers. For an annual fee, Subscribers receive a year of Burrow books, name recognition in those books (and below), as well as other perks.

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Special thanks to the Sullivan Creative Writing program

Petra Hendrickson
Community Education Project
Andrew Hoffmann
Vicki Entreken
Lucianna Ramos
Megan Alexander
Stuart Buchanan
Victoria Webster-Perez
Dan Reiter
Blaine Strickland
Michael Gualandri
Dirt Dog Dustin & Lola Byrd
pete !
Alex Gurtis
David James Poissant
Karen Price
Thomas M. Bunting Projects
Shane Hinton
Jonathan Kosik
Michele Randall
Brendan Bowles
Jared Silvia
Cindy Simmons
Susan Lilley
Alissa Barber Torres & Anthony Torres
Nicole Hall
J.C. Carnahan
Terry Godbey
Teresa Carmody
Erica McCay
Roberta Alfonso
Gene Albamonte
John Fleming
Patrick Rushin
Troy Jewell
Stacey Matrazzo
Sinister Wisdom
Joyce Sharman
Emily Dziuban
Hunter Choate
Whatever Tees
Pamela Ore
Ben Comer
Selah Saterstrom
Heather Vazquez
Jennifer Stroup
Charles Griffin
Jean West
Amy Watkins
Allie Marini
Nathan Holic
Michael Wheaton
Terri Witek
Kristin Berry
Amy Suzanne Parker
John Upperco
Shaina Anderson
Jacqueline Pappas
Mary Duerksen
Neil & Sarah Asma
Valencia Peace and Justice Institute
Rachel Simmons
Cooper Levey-Baker
Naomi Butterfield
Jonathan Fink
Abigail & Henry Craig
Cathryn Follman
Jonathan Lair
The Taitts
Christopher Nank
Nayma Russi
Erin Stroup

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