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Subscribers support our mission of publishing a lasting body of literature and fostering literary community in Florida. In return, we send our annual offering of Burrow Press books, shipped for free, plus name recognition in the books and online, complimentary ebooks, and other perks. We thrive on the direct support of adventurous readers like you. Ready? Select an option below. Questions? Scroll down to our FAQ.

WINTER: Saw Palm's Florida Noir Issue /// Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry capturing Florida's seedy underbelly, the orange that rots underneath its skin. *Produced by the staff of USF's literary magazine in Tampa.*

SPRING: A Sinking Ship is Still a Ship, poetry by Ariel Francisco (with Spanish translations by José Nicolás Cabrera-Schneider) /// In Ariel Francisco’s Miami, invasive lionfish are sympathetic creatures, the beach succumbs to sea-level rise, and “305 till I die” is a cry for help.

SUMMER: A Fish Growing Lungs, essays by Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn /// Funny, intelligent, and unflinchingly honest, Sawchyn explores addiction, illness, being misdiagnosed bipolar, and how we can come to know ourselves when our bodies betray us.

FALL: Blood Vinyls, poetry by Yolanda J. Franklin /// An edgy discography of Florida and the contentions of gender and race in the South. *Published by the excellent, Tallahassee-based Anhinga Press.*


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What comes with a 2020 subscription?

Click or swipe through the cover images (above) for descriptions of the four books in our 2020 package. Generally speaking, you get 4 books, shipped roughly quarterly throughout the year. You also get ebook versions, name recognition in books and online, and membership into “the illiterati,” which includes access to random perks. Note that 2 of the 4 books are not published by Burrow, so we cannot provide name recognition in these books, nor free ebook copies.

Why are two of the 2020 books not published by Burrow?

Burrow’s mission is to expand the boundaries of Florida literature and build literary community in our home state. By highlighting the latest issue of Saw Palm (a FL-focused literary magazine based in Tampa) and the brilliant poetry collection, Blood Vinyls (a FL-themed book released by the equally brilliant Anhinga Press, which is based in Tallahassee) we hope to spread our love of other writers and organizations contributing literature to our much-beloved and oft-demented state.

Can I subscribe to 2020 during the year 2020?

Yes, you can subscribe year-round. If we already mailed some of our books out, we’ll bundle those for you and ship them a day or two after your purchase.

How does auto-renewal work?

If you choose to “subscribe and sustain,” you will pay $60 at checkout for our 2020 books, and then be automatically billed $60 each year and receive Burrow books without having to lift a finger!
• Purchases made prior to Jan. 1, 2020 will auto-renew on October 1, 2020.
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How do you communicate with subscribers?

We communicate with subscribers over email using Constant Contact. So make sure the email address you list at checkout is one that you check (or reach out to us to update it). We only send you an email when it’s important, for instance, when we’re about to ship a new book, or if there is a special subscriber deal or event.

How do I get my complimentary ebooks?

We use the aforementioned emails to send you your complimentary ebooks, in both .mobi (for Kindle) and .epub (compatible with all other e-readers) formats. You can download these files straight from these emails. Most e-readers, like Kindle, have email addresses associated with the device. If you send the ebook file to that email, it should appear on your e-reader.

What do you mean by name recognition?

As way of honoring subscribers, we publish their names in the back matter of each book. We also list the names online, here. If you’d like to be recognized by a name other than the one you used to place the order, note this in the “Subscriber Name(s)” field in the checkout section below.

How do I manage my recurring subscription / update my billing info?

If your subscription is set to auto-renew, you don’t have to manage anything. However, you will be given log-in credentials should you want to change billing information, etc. To log in to your account simply visit this page and click the “log in” button (above). If you have issues or would like us to make changes on your behalf, don’t hesitate to contact us (see below).

I need to change my address.

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You can purchase gift subscriptions (one-time or auto-renew) and assign them to different giftees using the fields in the checkout section below. We include a card (with optional custom message) in the first shipment to giftees. Use the “Custom Gift Info” box when you checkout to designate where certain products are to be shipped.

Why are subscriptions important to Burrow Press?

To follow a specific publishing house, just as you might follow a record label, requires a certain level of trust. Trust that you’re going to like what we publish, even if our tastes are eclectic and unpredictable. Which they are. And even if our tastes challenge your own. Which they might. Subscribers directly contribute to helping us build a lasting body of literature and foster literary community in Orlando and Florida. Subscriptions help us pay our authors more, and give us the financial freedom to take artistic risks in the work we publish. Since 2010 we’ve provided over 1,400 opportunities for writers to publish and share their work, but we can’t keep doing it without your help.

The illiter-what now?

You’ve scrolled this far, so we suppose we can explain. Florida isn’t known as a bastion of literature. Being one of the few literary publishers in the state, we embrace this misperception with good humor. That’s why we refer to our subscribers as “the illiterati.” Though our subscribers live all over the country, many are right here in Florida. Whenever we can, we offer perks for local subscribers at live events, as well as online perks for the rest.