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What comes with a subscription?

Burrow publishes four, carefully selected books each year, offered in an annual subscription package for a mere $60 (which is like $5/month, $0.20/day, or 1 night at the bar). Subscribers get the 4 books released in the year they make the purchase (2018 right now), plus a complimentary ebook for each title. Subscribers are recognized by name in the back of the year’s books, and inducted into our not-so-secret society: the illiterati, to whom we offer random and delightful perks throughout the year.

What books are coming out in 2018?

Linked fictional snapshots of feminine lust, loss and estrangement by the Flannery O’Connor Award-winning author of Mother Rocket.
A darkly comic satire of academia, celebrity worship, and recovery memoirs set in a near-future America ravaged by addiction.
Fabulist, folkloric and whimsical stories featuring an itinerant marionette, a camp counselor haunted by her dead best friend, and a juvenile delinquent languishing in a bootcamp run by authoritarian grandmas… to name a few.
The story of growing up in 1960s Space-Coast Florida with a heart condition and an alcoholic, NASA engineer father.

Why are subscriptions important to Burrow Press?

To follow a specific publishing house, just as you might follow a record label, requires a certain level of trust. Trust that you’re going to like what we publish, even if our tastes are eclectic and unpredictable. Which they are. And even if our tastes challenge your own. Which they might.

Subscribers directly contribute to helping us build a lasting body of literature and foster literary community in Orlando and Florida. Since 2010 we’ve provided over 1,000 opportunities for writers to publish and share their work, but we can’t keep doing it without your help.

Choosing a subscription

2018 Auto-Renew: Receive a Subscription for this year (2018) for a $60 “sign-up fee,” and every January each new year you’ll be automatically billed for another $60 to keep your Subscriber benefits.

2018 Subscription: Receive a Subscription for this year (2018) only for $60.

What happens if I subscribe in the middle or end of the year?

We publish and ship books (roughly) quarterly. If you subscribe later in the year, we’ll send you the books that are currently available all at once.

Gift Options

You can purchase up to 3 gift subscriptions (one-time or auto-renew) and assign them to different giftees using the fields in the checkout section below. We include a card (with optional custom message) in the first shipment to giftees.

Name recognition

If you’d like to be recognized by a name other than the one you used to place the order, note this in the “Subscriber Name(s)” field in the checkout section below. We also list the names online, here.

Managing your recurring subscription

If your subscription is set to auto-renew, you don’t have to manage anything. However, you will be given log-in credentials should you want to change shipping addresses, billing information, etc. To log in to your account simply visit this page and click the “log in” button. If you have issues or would like us to make changes on your behalf, don’t hesitate to contact us (see below).

Customer Service

If you have questions about being a Subscriber or need technical help,

The illiter-what now?

You’ve scrolled this far, so we suppose we can explain. Florida isn’t known as a bastion of literature. Being one of the few literary publishers in the state, we embrace this misperception with good humor. That’s why we refer to our subscribers as “the illiterati.” Though our subscribers live all over the country, many are right here in Florida. Whenever we can, we offer perks for local subscribers at live events, as well as online perks for the rest.

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