Highlighting lit mags and presses based in Florida, and new books set in Florida, by publishing excerpts from their pages.

An Excerpt from The Way of Florida

The sharp oyster beds cut into the feet and to move in the water is a slowness. There is a quiet around you there. The sun is almost welcome. Is almost a wanted sun up above the window of the sea you wade through the bending sights below all bended and rippled you pass a hand through that waterpane and see your arm take an angle to the oyster there...


An excerpt from Pat Rushin's new story collection, Quantum Physics & My Dog Bob.

2 poems

The moon painted a picture of me and she called it “hay.” The picture is my hair, sliced off from the ears down, tied with rope and slapped onto a clean, metal table.

2 poems

it was coming out of your mouth we had to ask passersby to grab a cup and throw it to the birds it took 3 months to get all of it out