Miltiadis Fragkidis

You construct an imaginary world
developing coherent qualities
The power is in your palms,
each detail more outrageous than the last–
as long as the journey from A to B makes sense,
the audience will never notice
So as of late
I really been starting to question
this world’s builder
Looking at our world differently,
from the outside looking in
as if I was from a distant planet,
an extraterrestrial,
I would think
the builder of this world
is one sick twisted individual
I guess he is the master of worlds,
his world-building is impeccable–
in his world, brown boys cover the space city
so of course they see us as aliens
He has made the summer sun
hot enough for us to sweat
but not hot enough to melt the ice
I guess that’s why we get frozen in cells
His building has brainwashed us
into kissing hands that only take,
worshipping a builder
who has built this world against us
Should we blame the builder’s creator
or the builder himself–
I mean when you create beings
that harbor greed and hate
how can we be expected
to do anything else?
If you built a world
would it look like me–
rough around the edges
but golden at the core,
drenched in culture,
a land with no borders
but always under attack,
soil steaming with radioactivity
still resilient enough to harbour life
Or would you build it in your own image,
then end up whiting out your flaws
Would your world work in favor
of those who look like you,
identify with your struggle–
Would your world be a place
where everyone could prosper?
Or would you build the world against those
who have wronged you–
put a dash of spite in the ecosystem
and throw us all back in the loop
If I could build a world
I wouldn’t–
just ask for the tools to change this one
because progress looks so much more beautiful
through eyes that have seen some shit–
the challenge is how do we stop this cycle of history,
resist following our ancestors’ footsteps
How do we keep our hands clean
while building our utopia–
How do we build this world into one
where we all want to live?
Take down a monster
without becoming one in the process


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