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The Driver

I should also mention he was holding a gun. A friendly gun. A gun that belonged in a gun show or an old Spaghetti Western. In fact, everyone in the room had a gun.
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Since 2010, BP has provided over 1,400 opportunities
for writers to publish and share their work.
Burrow Press is an independent, literary publisher based in Orlando, FL. As one of only a few literary publishers in Florida, our mission is twofold: to expand the boundaries of Florida Literature by (1) publishing the best contemporary writing by new and established authors, and (2) fostering literary community in Orlando, Florida, and beyond. BP is a program of the Urban Think Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit umbrella organization to Page 15 (children's literacy) and Burrow Press. Between the two programs, Orlandoans of all ages have the opportunity to experience quality literary programming in their city.
“Part satirist, part ecopoet,
part elegist, but every bit a luminous poet."
–Richard Blanco

In Ariel Francisco’s Miami, invasive lionfish are sympathetic creatures, the beach succumbs to sea-level rise, and “305 till I die” is a cry for help. . . read more.

"Probing and emotionally intelligent." –Elena Passarello

Funny, intelligent, and unflinchingly honest, Sawchyn explores how we can come to know ourselves when our bodies betray us. . . read more.

"A Florida magnum opus."
–David James Poissant

Bookended by a choose-your-own-adventure story and a final exam, Holic's third novel is a formally inventive city novel in the tradition of The Bonfire of the Vanities.. . . read more.

"...intimate and inventive..."
–Billy Collins

In a voice both lyrical and conversational, Orlando Poet Laureate Susan Lilley interprets various stages of womanhood while parsing the beauty and decay of her beloved homestate of Florida. . . read more.

"...would make the author of the Book of Revelation proud."
–George Singleton

Somewhere in Florida, where the sprawling suburbs meet a dying citrus grove, a janitor at a small community radio station, an FCC field agent, and a DJ attempt to restore order and humanity. . . read more.

" and wild and dangerous..." –Lauren Groff

Brilliant new work by Lidia Yuknavitch, Kristen Arnett, Sarah Gerard, Jaquira Díaz, Lindsay Hunter and many others. . . read more.

Winner of the Florida Book Award Gold Medal for Fiction

In this wildly imaginative collection, whimsical fairy tales of princesses and farm girls turn dark, and dark tales of mistreated sideshow freaks turn whimsical. An itinerant marionette falls prey to a lusty mesmerist. An alcoholic camp counselor is haunted by her dead best friend. A juvenile delinquent languishes in a boot camp run by authoritarian grandmas. . . read more.

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