The following previously unpublished poems appear in
MICHAEL CHANG’s new poetry chapbook, Drakkar Noir. Hand sewn,
letter pressed, published by, and available to order from Bateau Press.



how cold
how remote
soy boy
what’s not to love
ur words
my life force
my scruples
fit in the tiniest box
i write the world’s worst love poem
unrivaled in its lack of imagination
the new boys
tireless as seals
so warm & excitable
stoked! even
u fling the glass
i find the courage not to get up
there u are
the ugliest kennedy
right outta central casting
that means white
gore invent internet
gwyneth invent yoga
u promise me the whole enchilada
all flavor no grease
u know u have to tell me
if u are police


“Over 200 dogs saved from dog meat trade & abuse set to fly to new homes in the U.S.”
People magazine headline


a wicked woman used to laugh at me for reading vogue
she had butt ugly clothes—she is dead now
amateur word magician
laughs lie in the fuck-ups
tasty pooches
tell them we want it extra spice
fire up the hotpot
bring forth the chili sauce
get dat yin-yang broth right
ur chicken—my sea
i’ve always wanted to own a shawarma store
unlimited fries & hot rotating meat
so random & hot
dat anonymous solace
door dat don’t exist
there are no sacred cows—only scared sheep
jimmy don’t play with ur food
beat ur sexy meat
dat lupine milk
a cutting knife
nice boys—
boys who think they’re nice boys—
nice enough boys—
the respectability of it all
u walk on water but i’d rather swim
woof! u ugly in this light


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