5.6.18 at Timucua
Reading from Mother Pieces and Maison Femme

Teresa Carmody is a writer, editor, and publisher. Her recent projects include “Hide and See,” a chapbook just published in Canada by derek beaulieu’s No Press, and DeLand,a view master book about DeLand, Florida, made in collaboration with fiber artist Madison Creech, and published as part of Container’s Look Book series. Carmody is the author of Maison Femme: a fiction, which is a roman a’ clef about two women who run an independent press out of their basement in Los Angeles. Maison Femme includes images by artist and writer, Vanessa Place, who, with Carmody, co-founded Les Figues Press in 2005. Les Figues is now an imprint of LARB Books, the new book wing of the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Carmody is the director of Stetson University’s MFA of the Americas program. Find her online at teresacarmody.com

Still image by Jared Alan Smith. Video by Timucua Arts Foundation