3 Interrogation Booths

This April, Fantastic Floridas is being taken over, twice weekly, by the Orlando-based seul poetry quarterly, as part of our Florida Lit Mag excerpt series. Poems from the pages of seul will appear on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout National Poetry Month. Read all the poems here.


q. what’s the original dissonance?

a. a nodding trigger

q. what waits in the fleshly mouth, open?

a. excavation by angel

q. who sings symmetry?

a. the baffled pendulum

q. what’s  beyond paint?

a. cities, sorrows, unearned internments



q. when is a document properly heroic?

a. when it hides the washed parts separately

q. what lies north of function?

a. hands filled with light

q. what’s in the last room?

a. time’s lost glance

q. how do we remake a bad history?

a. ornament our heads with lions



q. what’s the ambition of passages?

a. to opera our fate

q. who hides the reef of dispersal?

a. streets like legs constantly arriving

q. where is the data zone?

a. in fragments of palmetto

q. what corrects the eye?

a. the collection ablaze