This April, Fantastic Floridas is being taken over, twice weekly, by the Orlando-based seul poetry quarterly, as part of our Florida Lit Mag excerpt series. Poems from the pages of seul will appear on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout National Poetry Month. Read all the poems here.


Kept me here
to leave me here.
Said its not my time- 
watch the clock at night,
in your bliss,
a passive state of ignorance.

Won’t Move

How is this body supported?
I am no child- 
built to break down,
swell up- 
all my insides 
shadow this way

I am

in every plane
I pass-
like stone, I lay:
Still, partial-
an astral state.

I won’t move a muscle,
but observe-
in hindsight, 
idle by tragedy.
Are there things to see
but of no worth to find?