This April, Fantastic Floridas is being taken over, twice weekly, by the Orlando-based seul poetry quarterly, as part of our Florida Lit Mag excerpt series. Poems from the pages of seul will appear on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout National Poetry Month. Read all the poems here.


if i drink enough
will you come out of this headache?
like athena?

will you befull?
have a heart again?
will it beat and sink with the wind
become lost like a wave in a cup?

i forgothow to write
becauseyou left me

all the words left

come out of my head
bring a pen
bringa small flower
of your choice
between your teeth.

when we travel together to find the four sages

part of my soul
is the color of your hair
full of stirrups swung round your feet
two sided
we ride each other

you face the other way
at all concerts
some find it alluring
i find it psychopathic

the desert didn’t do well for your sandbags
it was coming out of your mouth
we had to ask passersby
to grab a cup
and throw it to the birds
it took 3 months to get all of it out
your teeth look slightly more red
from disaster
and circumstance

you are always falling in on yourself
vinegar splashes keep you awake
and i help you sleep
rubbing cottonmouths on your temples
to tune it all out

and we never found the four sages
in the sand.