Diagram showing superficial nerves and muscle motor points from Homer Clark Bennet’s The Electro-Therapeutic Guide (1907)

1 — She held a bouquet of cumulus cloud
2 — near this drizzling late afternoon, 
3 — on the soft arm
4 — draped with hyacinth.
5 — I am there; in the there, as if
              your house, 
              your bedroom
              your skylight
              your body 
6 — is with me
7 — persistently ignited,
8 — not with the unfurling of hues as if
9 — we had just devoured the sky,
10 — lonesome with emblems of guilt or agility
11 ­— which stay more dominant than self-denial.
12 — As it goes—
13 — it evaporates, this desire
14 — to receive this unhappy, inelastic practice. Then
15 — we will surrender & I will forgo
16 — that buttery blond.
17 — I will keep your pillows, your Greek myths
18 — on the sandy shoreline, 
19 — a cremated ear near my bedside.
20 — I will provide the music to 
21 — your skeletal inlets; I have such capacity
22 — for montaged sorrow.
23 — I have borrowed a quarrel from the house of 
24 — anatomy which has become a plausible 
25 — female account of dressing down 
26 — an understatement, a game contrived to shun 
27 — the nude posture instead of the nude figure.
28 — From an unborn camera
29 — the excursion is
30 — already photographed by 
31 — a small number of extended em dashes & 
32 — these exocrine glands.
33 — The key is here 
34 — is not to confuse an oyster
35 — for a battlefield of broken light bulbs. 
36 — I can empty a war into a basin 
37 — of self-doubt & watch inside of another war
38 — a bodice, coded by geometry, 
39 ­— held in an invisible cage by light
40 — for this scientific posterity. 

Superficial Nerves

There were numerous 
occasions where 
the girl’s nerve endings 
were damaged
from being held 
in stress positions
in order to be deemed 
a worthy model 
for the doctor’s 
She wanted her 
most precious
belongings to
be placed high 
above her head
somewhere next
to the cloud on
the invisible shelf
She wanted 
to be in a state of
perpetual reaching
and pondering 
When she looks 
in the mirror 
she longs to slice 
off one third 
of her upper arm
Particularly nerve endings 
#3, #2, and #38
Just like that
A little crack embedded 
in a mound of snow 
so round
A gluteus maximus 
that could feed the doctor’s 
entire family

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