Parables of America: Republic as Achiever

For the Republic of Heaven is like if two guys were trying to scale one of those tall narrow rock columns in the Southwest or somewhere. And one of the guys started out with climbing boots and rope and a rock axe and special goggles that illuminate the footholds. Oh, and an elevator up the first 20 feet.

The other guy is naked and was originally dragged to the base of the rock against his will and forced to make rope for the first guy.

And for a while, the climbing guy was legally required to throw rocks at the naked guy. Then that ended and he was merely encouraged to do it. Then, once he had reached the top, where there was a nice big space for picnics and everything, he was told to entirely stop throwing rocks at the naked guy … so often.

And the naked guy calls up, “Could you lower the rope?”

And the guy at the top is all, “No, use your bootstraps.”

And the naked guy says, “But I used my bootstraps to make the rope.”

And after quite a bit of prodding, the first guy lowers the rope halfway down, which is still a solid three hundred feet above the naked guy.

And then some other guy who was already at the top peers over the edge at the naked guy and goes, “I wonder what’s causing this achievement gap.”