On the death of Toni Morrison

I will leave this place for good
reason in my urgency you’ll say
I was a dream and I was
asleep before I love you

our ancestors were still
things in this place demand
my color like blood

around a loose tooth I can pull
myself from it
allow me to hunger

my belly is tired of being
emptied with you
in the damp with you
earth that made
you and I shape it

Let me know your
head as grass grown
so long sing me
the past I’ve grown

when its time to sleep
who needs a body

sing me so I’m too large
to inhabit even if my legs hurt

tell me somewhere we are
ghosts untethered somewhere
we are each other’s children

raise me to hold you
near the inner fire
tell me we will find joy
filling our pockets

we are meant to be
weighed down
by the river we will
never know if the sun speaks

only that we are
alone and waiting
only that we stretch
toward the sky

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