Litlando 2017

Above: John King delivers the keynote at Litlando 2016: “Postmodernism for Creative Writers.”

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Litlando looms on the Orlando literary horizon. Organized by The Drunken Odyssey and made possible by countless members of the Orlando literary community, this day-long equivalent of an MFA for the frugal and possibly deranged will be happening for a second time on Saturday, March 25. from 10am to 5:30pm. If you’re a beginner, or looking to further hone your craft, there will be a panel or workshop for you. 

A limited amount of tickets are still available: $25, or $15 for students. All the proceeds are being donated to Burrow Press’ sister program, Page 15, which provides reading and creative writing programs for Orlando youth. 

Full schedule of panels and workshops:

10a to 10:30a
Checking in, opening remarks from conference organizers.

10:30a – 11:20a
OPTION 1 – Advice for New Writers w/ John King & David James Poissant
OPTION 2 – Memoir writing panel w/ Lisa Roney, Kristen Arnet & Susan Lilley

11:30a – 12:20p
OPTION 1 – YA Fiction Panel w/ Christina Farley, Ella Martin & Sarah Nicolas
OPTION 2 – Graphic Narrative Workshop w/ Nathan Holic, Ryan Winet & Leslie Salas

12:30p – 1:50p – LUNCH BREAK

2:00p – 2:50p
OPTION 1 – The Residency Experience w/ Vanessa Blakeslee, Danny Powell & Shasta Grant
OPTION 2 – Crash Course Workshop on Fiction Writing w/ John King & Jared Silvia

3:00p – 3:50p
OPTION 1 – Performing Your Work – Interactive Workshop 
w/ J. Bradley, Tod Caviness, Susan Lilley & Jared Silvia
NOTE: Readers sign up and read for two minutes. Each member of the panel provides one minute of constructive feedback. Sign up in advance by e-mailing [email protected] and put in the subject line: “Performance Workshop Sign Up” or sign up the day of the event.

OPTION 2 – How to Get Published in Journals w/ David James Poissant, Ephraim Scott Sommers & Vanessa Blakeslee

4:00p – 5:15p
Keynote address by David James Poissant
Get Tickets to Litlando 2017

Need to know more? Here’s an FAQ:

What is the general tone of this FAQ?

Informative and slightly irreverent, which is also the tone of the conference.

Who is the conference for?

Writers (including beginners) interested in learning more about the craft of various genres, as well as publishing and performing one’s work. See the conference schedule for specifics on the kinds of topics covered.

Where does the money go?

100{f601acc48c7c49652e30f2fab106e7de4a69edf8d5e7b04da5e5a3c80b338d5d} of the proceeds are donated directly to Page 15, an Orlando children’s literacy nonprofit that provides free creating writing programs for Orlando kids.

What is the refund policy?

Because all ticket proceeds are donations to Page 15, we are not offering any refunds.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, but bring some form of proof, like an email.

What if the name on the ticket doesn’t match?

Just send a quick heads up to the organizer: [email protected]

How do I prove I’m a student to get the student rate?

Be a good person. We’re using the honor system. Think of the children.

What do I do about lunch?

Lunch will not be provided by the conference, but you’ll have 80 minutes to explore several downtown eating options within walking distance: The Celt, Red Mug Diner, Artisan’s Table, Pita Pit, Jimmy John’s… presumably you know how to use Google.

Where do I park?

Nearby parking is available in the Magnolia Garage at 11 N. Magnolia Avenue and the Public Library Garage 112 E Central Boulevard.

What if I want to go to two panels that are happening at the same time?

All panels and workshops will be video recorded so for later consumption. 

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

[email protected]

Get Tickets to Litlando 2017