Jack & Annie were whisked away to Pompeii on the day of Mount Vesuvius’ most famous eruption, how unlucky



Magic Tree House
Book #13: Vacation Under the Volcano

I wanted
to follow Jack and Annie across
time and space, to be them both


safe within the confines of my
own space and body


A daughter, a sister, a niece, an alumna


What does it feel like to fear being set in place and smothered into ash?
What did the volcano undergo
to have regurgitated so much of itself?
Or was the volcano actually erupting its own innards into painful existence?
Warning everyone that it could be shapeless, shape-shifting as it desired?


A summer student
leadership training in which
we all have to go around the room
and introduce ourselves, the knots in my stomach
tightening as my turn comes nearer and nearer and nearer…


You can take the lava out of the volcano, but you cannot stop
assigning it a gender


Quick: Which is the boy, which is the girl?
Volcano Tree  

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