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In Honor of Things

Gallery photos by Ivon Neville

For those who don’t know, Burrow Press is part of a larger literary nonprofit that includes the children’s literacy program, Page 15. While we’re always working together on something or other, there isn’t a greater example of our collaboration than our annual teen writing project. Each year we send a creative writing prompt out to Central Florida high schools, receive hundreds of submissions, and choose the best 15 to be published in an anthology of teen writing. The chosen writers are taken through the editing and publishing process–part of which involves an artist creating stunning visuals based on each student’s work. When all’s said and done, we celebrate their accomplishments with a reading and book release party. We just wrapped up our 4th anthology project–In Honor of Things–last month and wanted to share a few photos from the party with you (above.) and some info on these very cool books (below). We like to think of the Page 15 / Burrow partnership as a one-two punch for the literary community. Page 15 instills a love of language and books in our youth, and Burrow ensures that there is a thriving literary community for those young writers to turn to when they graduate.

In Honor of Things

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