Burrow Press 2019 Books Preview

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As 2018 comes to a close, I am excited to begin talking about our 2019 books. Of course, Burrow does more than just publish books. In 2018 alone, we held 28 free public events and served over 160 writers. We also hit a milestone: 100 subscribers. 

For those who don’t know, subscribers play a direct role in Burrow’s success. They are adventurous readers who ensure that we’re able to publish award-winning contemporary literature, as well as foster literary community in Orlando, Florida, and beyond. We send subscribers all the books we publish in a given year, shipped for free, along with complimentary ebooks and other random and delightful perks. We also thank subscribers in the back of each print book.

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And now, I’m exited to share with you the books with which we hope to sate your literary voracity in 2019: 


Venus in Retrograde
poems by Susan Lilley
Hardcover | 124 pages
Subscriber arrival date: April

This is the first full poetry collection by Orlando’s inaugural Poet Laureate, Susan Lilley. Former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins says of this book: “It’s hard to stop reading these open-hearted accounts that follow Lilley’s life from girlhood to womanhood in charming poems, often erotic and always richly detailed.”


Radio Dark
a novel by Shane Hinton
Paperback | 140 pages
Subscriber arrival date: July

In 2015 we published one of my favorite Burrow books ever, Hinton’s debut story collection Pinkies. I’m extra excited to be publishing this bleak post-apocalyptic tale of a janitor, a disc jockey, and an FCC employee who try to restore humanity to a suburb in Tampa, FL.


Bright Lights, Medium-sized City
a novel by Nathan Holic
Hardcover | ~650 pages w/ illustrations
Subscriber arrival date: November

There’s so much to say about this book, which we’re billing as The “Great” Orlando Novel. It follows a hapless house-flipper during the 2009 housing crisis, and it contains more Orlando people, places and things than any other novel I know of. It also includes some beautiful watercolor illustrations and comics, and the first section of the book is a choose-your-own-adventure novel.


A limited edition book/artifact
for subscribers only.
Subscriber arrival date: TBD

Created in partnership with Stetson University’s literary magazine Obra/Artifact, this limited edition book-object will be something special. But for now, it’s a secret.

With all of the above, which includes two gorgeous hardcovers, you’ll enjoy an overall savings of 47{f601acc48c7c49652e30f2fab106e7de4a69edf8d5e7b04da5e5a3c80b338d5d}. You may be thinking, how is that economically viable? Well, I’m an English major, so I can assure you that it is.

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