hannah spector
This April, Fantastic Floridas is being taken over, twice weekly, by the Orlando-based seul poetry quarterly, as part of our Florida Lit Mag excerpt series. Poems from the pages of seul will appear on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout National Poetry Month. Read all the poems here.

Gemini with Cancer

There is a bag
That is filling with
Hot Air
Holding air in
Floating up into lazy circles
In your father’s robe that has softened with age From being washed
From being worn
From Being washed again
I have a friend
He said to me once
He said
The sun also rises
It reminded me of seaside
Of where I spent late summer
A few days with my father
He told me the Oak tree bent 


Cascade across quilted roads
Of voyeuristic backwoods thinned
In temperamental turmoil, 

the vacancy 
rendered in eventual vacation that
has ceased to pivot on its brass binder
Clamped tight to close the grand bowels
Of this brazen bull 

Stoke the fire; stroke the feline 

Claim dominion over the greener tide
Frothing on your shores and foaming at
The mouth
Riddled stricken with pacificity and defeatism ingrained from wooden cages of more
tender years

Say what it is

Say how it is with
Everybody I know