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The Call: a virtual parable
by Pat Rushin

“Pat Rushin is out of his f***cking mind. I like that in a writer; that and his daredevil usage of the semi-colon and asterisk make The Call unputdownable.” ~Terry Gilliam, director of The Zero Theorem

SYNOPSIS: From the screenwriter of The Zero Theorem comes the book that inspired the film. Roberts is not interested in food, sex, or any of life’s pleasures. Hapless yet endearing, the morbidly pale protagonist of The Call spends his days at the computer in his windowless apartment, waiting for a phone call that will give his life meaning. But when his phone proves insufficient, it takes a techno-savvy dominatrix to help our hero upgrade his existential hardware and a pre-pubescent hacker genius to break his solipsistic shell. In this modern parable of man’s search for meaning, Pat Rushin’s playful prose and sharp humor turn what may be a hopeless journey into an incredibly fun read.

shane hinton

Pinkies, stories by
Shane Hinton

“Shane Hinton’s fiction is the visceral kind that you feel with your whole body, and it makes me want to cry through my laughing and cringing. I don’t know a better compliment to give a writer.” ~Jeff Parker, author of Where Bears Roam The Streets

SYNOPSIS: In Shane Hinton’s debut story collection, gritty Florida realism collides with the surreal and the absurd. A father-to-be combats roving pythons in the suburbs, a boy catalogs all of his dead pets, a young woman sprouts an old man from her nether region. The world of Pinkies is a terrifying and hilarious introduction to an unflinching new voice.

kim lojewski

Worm Fiddling Nocturne in the Key of a Broken Heart
by Kimberly Lojewski

From the title story:

“An outsider might wonder just why worm fiddling is such a big deal around here. But that’s what makes them outsiders. If you grew up in Break-A-Leg, you would know that not only is it the quickest route to local celebrity, it also keeps your family fed and fat as hogs.”

SYNOPSIS: Kimberly Lojewski’s debut collection features a range of stories, from fabulist to fantastical to fairy tale. Be it an imprisoned circus freak, a wandering marionette, a reluctant moth-girl, or a juvenile delinquent stuck at a maximum security “grandma camp,” the compelling characters in this book all long for escape and acceptance.


Forty Martyrs
by Philip F. Deaver

Praise for Silent Retreats:

“Written in vivid, spare prose, the best of these stories linger, sad and profound, like songs you sing to yourself.”
~New York Times

SYNOPSIS: The long-awaited follow-up from the author of the Flannery O’Connor Award-winning Silent Retreats, Forty Martyrs follows the intertwining lives of a psychologist, his wife, his lover, his lover’s husband, and his lover’s own paramour in the small town of Tuscola, Illinois. Philip F. Deaver’s natural storytelling voice draws readers in with its familiar rhythms. Through narrative shifts in tone, perspective, and time surrounding the book’s major events––a fire and a stabbing––Deaver creates a beautiful symphonic effect, an ode to small towns and Midwestern lives.

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