Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker reads from his memoir, Where Bears Roam the Streets. Bonus reading: "Erratic Fire, Erratic Passion" a poem inspired by Metta World Peace.

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This morning the sky takes on the look of one of those inspirational calendars, all illuminated-edged cumulous with light rays stabbing through like purifying swords, His Glory in pastel script right about where my neighbor’s SUVs are parked out back, one black, one silver, miracles of engineering, collecting light and splotches of berry puree from the chickadees singing high hosannahs in the overhanging branches.

3 Poems

In Berlin I said, look, this city was bombed and separated with walls and put back together and here we are, now, we should find the neighborhood in East Berlin where my grandmother lived with a doctor’s family, hiding, learning how to give injections, the place where she decided not to go to Moscow and become a doctor, the only choice she regrets...

2 Poems

Given a year adrift on the cold Pacific, the broken cities arrive crushed, splintered, with all that the water upended and carried out to sea, all that we might gather from the waves washing in to the iceplant dunes along the California coast. So, too, the dead, who float upside down in the silent wreckage...