the illiterati

Florida isn’t known as a bastion of literature. Being one of the few literary publishers in the state, we embrace this misperception with good humor. That’s why we refer to our subscribers as “the illiterati,” and recognize them each year in our print books (and below on this page).

Subscribers support our mission of publishing a lasting body of literature and fostering literary community in Florida. In return, we send our annual offering of Burrow Press books.

To follow a specific publishing house, just as you might follow a record label, requires a certain level of trust. Trust that you’re going to like what we publish, even if our tastes are eclectic and unpredictable. Which they are. And even if our tastes challenge your own. Which they might.

We thrive on the direct support of adventurous readers like you. We also receive generous support from companies, foundations, and other patrons that have helped Burrow, since our founding in 2010, provide over 1,200 opportunities for writers to publish and share their work.

2019 Subscribers

Emily Dziuban
Linda Buckmaster
Robert Veith
Pam Escarcega
Randi Brooks
Lauren Salzman
Drew Hoffmann
Michael Wheaton
Kristen Arnett
Cindy & Frank Murray
Matt Lonam
Naomi Butterfield
Ted Greenberg
Gene Albamonte
Vicki Entreken
Cooper Levey-Baker
Whatever Tees
Nayma Russi
Lauren Mitchell
Roberta Alfonso
Terry Godbey
Bob Morris
Mary T. Duerksen
Debbie Goetz
Mary Reed
Grover Austin
Paula Bowers
Jean Dowdy
Stephen Cagnina
Yana Keyzerman
Amy Suzanne Parker
Jonathan Fink
Brian Turner
Joe McGee and Jess Rinker
Kim Britt
Martha Brenckle
John Henry Fleming
Thomas M. Bunting Projects
Rebecca Evanhoe
Adam C. Margio
Joshua Moye
Kelly Schumer
Jason Holic
Hunter Choate
Erica McCay
Shelby Nathanson
J. Thomas Wright
John & Pam Holic
Aaron & Patti Holic
Susan Scrupski
Catherine Carson
Mary Ann de Stefano
Michelle Riddle
Michael Gualandri
Richard Varner
Victoria Webster-Perez
Peter M. Gordon
Bonnie Frenkel
Jean West
NM Greenberg
Jason Katz
J.C. Carnahan
Pamela Melear
Patty Daoust
Marc Vaughan
Lisa Hinton
Chuck Dinkins
Tania Parada
Dystacorp Light Industries
Emily Webber
Abigail and Henry Craig
Jeanan Davis
Matthew Lang
Courtney Clute
Michael Cuglietta
Virginia Beeson
Mistie Watkins
Jane Trimble and Robert Ambes
The Taitts
Paul L. Bancel
Martha Sarasua
Jeff Ferree
Barbara Van Horn
Benjamin Noel
Pat Rushin
Sara Isaac
Nancy Pate
Amy Letter
Rita Ciresi
Dirt Dog Dustin
Alissa Barber Torres and Anthony Torres
Heather Owens
Alicia Marini
Peter Bacopoulos
Lora Waring
Giti Khalsa
Chris Wiewiora
Travis Kiger
pete !
Alexandra Mariano
Erich Schwarz
Alison Townsend
Kim Rose
Neil and Sarah Asma
Valerie and Ross Blakeslee
A John Gosslee
Martin Fulmer
Dainon Moody
J. Stroup
Robert Lipscomb
Irene L. Pynn
Libby Ludwig
Kimberly Lojewski
Amy Copeland
Rebecca Renner
Chrissy Kolaya
Alison Jennings
Elena Postal
Suzannah Gilman
Blaine Strickland
Danielle Kessinger
Park Ave CDs
Margaret Nolan
Erin Hartigan
Stuart Buchanan
RC Wahl
Georgia Parker
Jackie Pappas
David James Poissant
Stacey Matrazzo
Nikki Fragala Barnes
Stacy Barton
Cindy Simmons
Sarah Hicks
Chelsea Torregrosa & Matthew H. Bowlin
David Lilley
Spencer Orenstein
Ciarra Johnson
Cristina Wright
Lucianna Chixaro Ramos
Elena Shapiro-Albert
Sue Ann
Melissa K.
Teresa Carmody
V Loomie

Community Supporters