We just launched Fantastic Floridas, a new online journal, with the purpose of highlighting the intersection of Florida, literature, books and the uncategorizable. We think that, over the course of the year, the aesthetic will start to crystalize. Other than posting weekly, we are frankly finding this lack of boundaries to be pretty refreshing. Which is why we are now taking open submissions of any work that has a Florida connection.

We will say: the stronger the connection the better.

We will say: no fiction or poetry please (we do that elsewhere).

We will give you a vague list suggesting what we might be looking for:

  • Literary writing about Florida (place-based, history-based, weird Florida, cultures, subcultures… all of which could be with a journalistic or personal approach).
  • Evergreen coverage of Florida literary happenings and culture (like conferences and MFA programs and reading series… be it in the form of a profile or personal essay or whatever).
  • Personal essay / review hybrids about books/stories/poems set in Florida (in other words, not a straight-forward book review). This could focus on one work or be an examination of several works in relation to one another.
  • Personal essay / review hybrids about non-literary media set in Florida (TV, movies, etc).
  • Essays about what the hell “Florida literature” means.
  • Anything that subverts the dumbed-down stereotypes of what Florida is supposed to be.

We cannot offer payment for this feature (for now!). We ask for first serial rights, and electronic archival rights. Rights revert to you upon publication. If your piece is published elsewhere, please credit Fantastic Floridas.

What are you waiting for?