Worm Fiddling Nocturne

by Kimberly Lojewski




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In this wildly imaginative debut collection, whimsical fairy tales of princesses and farm girls turn dark, and dark tales of mistreated sideshow freaks turn whimsical. An itinerant marionette falls prey to a lusty mesmerist. An alcoholic camp counselor is haunted by her dead best friend. A juvenile delinquent languishes in a boot camp run by authoritarian grandmas. Be they human monsters or reluctant moth-girls, the outcasts that populate these eleven compelling stories all long for escape, community, acceptance, and self-discovery.




“Stories pulsing with imagination and incarnate joy… Lojewski too, as Padgett Powell said of Barry Hannah, has her ear to the oracle hole in the ground.” –JEFF PARKER, author of Ovenman


“Magic realism meets bildungsroman… In just a few pages, Lojewski creates deeply imaginative and textured worlds. However mundane the plights of her characters—a crush on a boy, a tense mother-daughter relationship—those surreal environments make magic of the moments.” –KIRKUS REVIEWS


“Channeled through the swampy terrain of fairy tale and folklore, these stories of misfits and runaways will open and break your heart by their searing and unsentimental honesty.” –JAMES BROCK, author of Nearly Florida


“Delightfully subversive… Often teetering on the boundary between dream and nightmare, this collection is a satisfying and eerie journey into wild realms.” –FOREWORD REVIEWS


KIMBERLY LOJEWSKI is a native Floridian. She has an MA in English from Florida Gulf Coast University and an MFA from University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Poet’s and Writer’s Program. Her stories have been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes, and have appeared in PANK, Drunken Boat, Gargoyle, and elsewhere. Her story “Baba Yaga’s House of Forgotten Things” won a 2013 Best of the Net Award.

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$16 | Paperback | 5″ x 8″ | 200 pages
Release Date: Sept. 18, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-941681-71-8
LCCN: 2018935967