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2020 Subscription (auto-renew)

$60.00 on January 1st each year and a $60.00 sign-up fee


2020 Auto-Renew Subscribers receive:
• All BP books, starting in 2020, until the subscription is cancelled (automatic billing occurs yearly on October 1)
• ebooks
• free shipping
• Name recognition in books and online
• illiterati membership until the subscription is cancelled

Subscribing some time in the middle of 2020? Not a problem, and welcome aboard! We will bundle all the books we’ve released so far this year and mail them in 1-2 business days.

First payment: January 1, 2021


Books included in the 2020 Subscription

WINTER: Saw Palm‘s Florida Noir Issue
Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry capturing Florida’s seedy underbelly, the orange that rots underneath its skin. *Produced by the staff of USF’s literary magazine in Tampa.*

SPRING: A Sinking Ship is Still a Ship, poetry by Ariel Francisco
Bilingual edition, with Spanish translations by José Nicolás Cabrera-Schneider.
In Ariel Francisco’s Miami, invasive lionfish are sympathetic creatures, the beach succumbs to sea-level rise, and “305 till I die” is a cry for help.

SUMMER: A Fish Growing Lungs, essays by Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn
Funny, intelligent, and unflinchingly honest, Sawchyn explores addiction, illness, being misdiagnosed bipolar, and how we can come to know ourselves when our bodies betray us.

FALL: Blood Vinyls, poetry by Yolanda J. Franklin
An edgy discography of Florida and the contentions of gender and race in the South. *Published by the excellent, Tallahassee-based Anhinga Press.*