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2017 Subscription



Burrow’s four, 2017 books in one convenient bundle. Includes:

  • The Persistence of Rivers: an essay on moving water, by Alison Townsend
  • Quantum Physics & My Dog Bob, stories by Pat Rushin
  • Other Orlandos, an anthology edited by Leslie Salas (limited run, only available through BP)
  • We Can’t Help It If We’re From Florida, an anthology edited by Shane Hinton (a $24 hardcover on its own, and a steal as part of this subscription bundle).


The Persistence of Rivers: an essay on moving water, by Alison Townsend
Alison Townsend shapes the memories within this book like the meditative and meandering rivers that inspire them. The Persistence of Rivers evokes Thoreau and Dillard, yet Townsend’s prose remains masterfully singular in its subject, lyricism, and poignancy.

Quantum Physics & My Dog Bob: stories, by Pat Rushin
A father, sick of speaking, takes a lifelong vow of silence. A literature PhD candidate falls prey to her psycho poet roommate. A dog pining for steak spontaneously combusts. Pat Rushin’s latest collection fuses the familiar and the uncanny. Each darkly funny story is like a parallel universe where everyday characters find themselves in a reality slightly askew from the one we know.

Other Orlandos, edited by Leslie Salas
Orlando is… a power plant in Johannesburg, an epic poem, a celebrity mask used as a marital aid. In this anthology of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, Orlando is anything but the Florida city so often associated with theme parks. In Other Orlandos, the city’s writers twist a familiar word into new contexts and connotations.

We Can’t Help It If We’re From Florida: new stories from a sinking peninsula, edited by Shane Hinton
An anthology of new writing by former and current Floridians including Sarah Gerard, Jeff Parker, Laura van den Berg, Lindsay Hunter, Kevin Moffett, John Brandon, Michael Seidlinger, Alissa Nutting, Jaquira Diaz, and oh so many more.