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A bundle of 4 books from Burrow’s 2015 catalog, shipped to you all at once.


The Call: a virtual parable, by Pat Rushin
From the screenwriter of The Zero Theorem comes the book that inspired the film. Roberts is not interested in food, sex, or any of life’s pleasures. Hapless yet endearing, the morbidly pale protagonist of The Call spends his days at the computer in his windowless apartment, waiting for a phone call that will give his life meaning. But when his phone proves insufficient, it takes a techno-savvy dominatrix to help our hero upgrade his existential hardware and a pre-pubescent hacker genius to break his solipsistic shell. In this modern parable of man’s search for meaning, Pat Rushin’s playful prose and sharp humor turn what may be a hopeless journey into an incredibly fun read.

Pinkies: stories, by Shane Hinton
In Shane Hinton’s debut story collection, gritty Florida realism collides with the absurd, and fears of fatherhood materialize in surreal scenarios. In one story, Shane Hinton struggles to protect his frightened family from cars that keep crashing into their home, while in another he’s imagined as a vehicular menace. Father-to-be Shane Hinton combats roving pythons in the suburbs. Shane Hinton loves trash more than his own family. Shane Hinton throws a barbeque for all the Shane Hintons he’s met on the Internet and fears he might lose his wife to one. A sharp commentary on the mundanity and absurdity of modern life, the world of Pinkies is a terrifying and hilarious introduction to an unflinching new voice.

Summer (e-book)
Legend of the Barefoot Mailman, a novel by John Henry Fleming
A story of big dreams and lost shoes, The Legend of the Barefoot Mailman examines how truth becomes fiction in a joyful and hilarious satire of Florida tourism. Josef Steinmetz is a young immigrant seeking fortune in 1880s South Florida. Earl Shank is a small-town postmaster with an entrepreneurial spirit. When fate delivers Josef like an errant letter into Earl’s hands, their disastrous lives become the stuff of legend. Originally published in 1995, this 20th Anniversary electronic reprint features a new forward by the ghost of fictional New York Times Reporter, John Thomas.

Forty Martyrs, a novel in stories by Philip F. Deaver
The long-awaited follow-up from the author of the Flannery O’Connor Award-winning collection, Silent Retreats, Forty Martyrs follows the intertwining lives of the people of Tuscola, Illinois, a small Midwestern college town that, over the course of the book, collectively experiences a spectacular fire, a terrible stabbing, and a questionable religious sighting. Through shifts in tone and perspective, Deaver’s natural storytelling creates a beautiful symphonic effect, an ode to small towns and Midwestern lives.