While our Functionally Literate reading series is in its fourth year, the community radio show arm of the FuncLit media empire (that’s extreme hyperbole, by the way) just turned 2 years old this week. Since we started beaming to Orlandoans (and streaming to anyone with an internet connection) two Augusts ago, we’ve interviewed over 100 local and national writers, and highlighted the wide array of literary events going on in Orlando each week.

While we are now only recording / podcasting select episodes via Soundcloud, we are still going strong over the airwaves every Thursday morning, 9am to 10am on 91.5 FM WPRK. We’re on vacation for the next two Thursdays, but hope you tune in upon our return. In the meantime, in celebration of our birthday, we thought we’d share some of our favorite episodes from the archives.

Many thanks to everyone who has been on the show, listened to the show, or supported the show in any way.


Ryan & Jared
FL Radio Hosts


Episode 2: Retrospective

Just in case you were worried that a couple literary nerds on the radio would take themselves too seriously, we planned our second episode to be a post-mortem on the (pretend) cancellation of FL Radio. Jared produced the show to come across as a sort of mock-umentary, for which some local writer friends pondered the artistic differences and demented personalities of the show’s hosts, ultimately leading to its demise after only one episode.

Episode 15: Jeff VanderMeer

In anticipation of VanderMeer’s Functionally Literate reading, our good friend Jenn Benner not only conducted an extensive and original interview with the author, she also got him to sing “I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper” with her. It was a special moment.

Orlando’s LGBTQ+ Writers Speak

Very shortly after the shooting at Pulse, we stepped aside from the microphone and welcomed four writers from Orlando’s LGBTQ+ community to share their thoughts and feelings on the worst mass shooting in US history.


If you enjoyed these episodes, we hope you tune in sometime soon. You can also listen to a bunch of greats shows from the archives on our Soundcloud page