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Burrow Press’ online literary journal published fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry from 2012 through 2016.

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Publisher's Note

In his intro to our 2016 Month of Horror, editor Teege Braune speaks of uncomfortable endings… Well, this October marks the official end of Burrow Press Review, which put in over 4 good years of weekly fiction, creative nonfiction, the occasional poem, and published over 200 writers in the process. Of course, death is not the end. BP Review is not dead, but has rather merged, like a zombie blob, with our new online journal Fantastic Floridas (which has already been running parallel to BPR throughout 2016), where we continue to publish fiction, nonfiction, and poetry––the only difference being the work we feature is, you guessed it, focused on Florida. FF highlights the intersection of Florida, literature, books, art, culture & the uncategorizable. We’ve also made room for interviews, excerpts, comics, and pretty much any other weirdness under the sun that has anything to do with Florida and literature––including a more expansive view of genre fiction (we’ve even kept Teege Braune in our employ to find the best and brightest weird/horror Florida fiction). So this is by no means the end, just a strange new chapter, made stranger by the uncanny brightness of the peninsular landmass we call home. Whether you’re from Florida or Finland, I hope you’ll continue to follow our literary exploits.

Burrow Press Review would not have been possible without the foundational work of BP’s co-founder Jana Waring, and the talented staff of editors who volunteered their time, skills and brains: Hunter Choate (founding fiction editor); Susan Fallows (founding nonfiction editor); Ben Gwin (fiction editor); Rebecca Evanhoe (fiction editor), David James Poissant, Erica Dawson, Susan Lilley, and Teege Braune (guest editors, all); Heather Vasquez, T.C. Jones, Rich Gegick, Sam Buoye, Jaclyn Kobylarksi (screeners and managing editors); Nathan Holic (15 View of Orlando editor… BPR was the original home for our print anthology); Nate again, Ashley Inguanta, Vanessa Blakeslee, Gene Albamonte, Rachel Kapitan, Trevor Fraser and Jared Silvia (BPR’s pioneer columnists since before we bought a URL, formed a name, identity, respectability, or had any idea what the *** we were doing); and of course, all the wonderful writers who trusted us to publish their work, many of whom have gone on to do some pretty amazing things in the literary world. For all of you, I am eternally grateful.

The archives of BPR will exist in perpetuity, or until the microbes that have inherited the earth begin to chew into the tubes of the internet. Until then, you can browse the history of BPR by genre at the top of the page.

Sincerely and humbly,
Ryan Rivas
BP / BPR Publisher