Vanessa Blakeslee

The Perfect Pantry

“Your prepper’s pantry will be the building block of your family’s survival system,” the page begins. “Have you read our guide, ‘37 Items to Hoard Before a Crisis’? If so, the list below of essentials to stockpile will likely be familiar to you.” Martha has not read the guide, and she’s no stranger to crisis.

Princess of Pop

The Princess of Pop remembered being a kid back in Louisiana on her cousins’ wide wooden swing, climbing so high that with one release of the chain links she might sail off into the clouds...
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Behind the Scenes

It reminds me of the ways people used to react when I announced that I wanted to be a writer as a teenager. “Oh, so you want to teach English?” was the standard reply, or something similar about working for a newspaper, becoming a journalist.
Vanessa Blakeslee

Vanessa Blakeslee

Vanessa Blakeslee’s writing has appeared in The Southern Review, Green Mountains Review, The Paris Review Daily, Kenyon Review Online, and elsewhere. Her novel Juventud won the 2015 IPPY Bronze Medal in Literary Fiction, was a finalist for Foreword Review’s Book of the Year, and a runner-up for the Eric Hoffer Award. Her debut story collection Train Shots won the 2014 IPPY Gold Medal in Short Fiction. “The Perfect Pantry" is excerpted from her new collection, Perfect Conditions, forthcoming July, 2018 from Curbside Splendor.