2017 Pushcart Nominees

Every year we comb through all the great work that appeared on Fantastic Floridas, and every year we pull our hair out picking 2 standout pieces from each genre for the Pushcart. We are all out of hair, but here are out 2017 Pushcart nominees. (If you missed it, check out our 2017 Best of the Net nominees as well).


“Kin Stories” by Mistie Watkins

Once he mistook a prostitute for a hitchhiker, and twice he has invited genies into his truck. All three asked him the same thing: “What do you want? More than anything? I can give it to you.” … read more.


“Egg-Laying Queen” by Kristen Arnett

The bucket was half full of papery spit globs. Soon she’d be able to take it outside and add onto her project: an enormous wasp nest big enough to house a human body… read more.



“The Geography of Erasure” by Amy Parker

Don’t say a woman can’t be a peninsula, that it is a man’s form… read more.



“How to Move to Orlando” by Laurie Rachkus Uttich

Sometimes, this city of yours is disappointing, even difficult to love. Still, you’re family now, you and Orlando. You believe in its people… read more.




“Fall” by Susan Lilley

As I left the post office the other day,
a friendly tourist, family in the car,
pulled over for advice
on Asian restaurants within a one-mile radius… read more.

“Bright Machines” by Andrew Hemmert

I wasn’t the only kid who saw himself
shining back from the black visor of an astronaut’s helmet… read more.