2017 Best of the Net Nominees

It’s that time of year, awards season, so whether you’ve been following Fantastic Floridas from the start, or just catching on, here’s the work that made our editors pull their hair out in order to narrow down the 6 nominees for Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net Award. It also works as a good sample of what we like, if you’re considering submitting to the journal. 


“Aunt Marie” by Coe Douglas
Anthropomorphic ashes terrorize Jacksonville Beach… read more.

“Sparky” by Danielle Kessinger
After moving to south Florida, a woman hopes a taxidermied squirrel will save her strained marriage… read more.


“After Jerry Died” by Diana Odasso
Revisiting the haze of 1990s South Florida drug culture in search of lost time… read more.

“Zombie Houses” by Vicki Entreken
Salvaging memories from an old Fort Myers home, which is now an abandoned house languishing in foreclosure…. read more.


“Love is a Metamorphosis” by Amy Watkins
When he asked for my hand,
I grew sunflowers in each palm.
He said he would have and hold them… read more.

“Dreaming of Panthers” by Ricky Ray
Deep in the Everglades
where a man sleeps with a fan
pointed at his head,
the night swallows whatever… read more.