2015 Pushcart Nominees


“A Boy Right Here in Town”

by Ian Riggins

My wife, Becca, says she was the first one to spot the McCloskey kid washed up on the shore of Franklin Hollow Lake… read more.

“Adult Swim in the Kidney Pool”

by Judith Cooper

The hair on his head is gone, but his eyebrows still inch across his face like two black caterpillars playing a polite game of chicken… read more.


“Old Men Dying Young”

by Jason Arment

People don’t want to hear about how hopeless it was between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, by Fallujah. When they ask me how it was over there what they are really asking is: What was it like to be that powerful, to hold lives in your hands? … read more.

“I Know I’ll Go”

by Terese Marie Mailhot

My father died at the Thunderbird Motel on Flood Hope Road. According to documents, he was beaten over a cigarette or a prostitute. I prefer the cigarette. I considered it an Indian death myself, while walking along the country roads of my reservation… read more.


Brian Turner

Given a year adrift on the cold Pacific, the broken cities arrive
crushed, splintered, with all that the water upended
and carried out to sea, all that we might gather from the waves
washing in to the iceplant dunes along the California coast… read more.

Kenneth Hart

This morning the sky takes on the look of one of those inspirational calendars,
all illuminated-edged cumulous with light rays stabbing through like purifying swords,
His Glory in pastel script right about where my neighbor’s SUVs are parked out back… read more.