2015 Best of the Net Nominees


“That Year People Floated” by Sarah Domet

We saw children fly up, grown men in suits, old ladies wearing curlers. We saw a tearful mother toss her baby to a bystander as she ascended. We saw a yoga instructor posed in downward facing dog as she rose… read more.

“The Short and the Long of It” by Davina Owombre

I put on my reassuring nurse smile. I’ve seen countless adults become kids in hospitals when something goes wrong. It takes some mothering before Louis mumbles that he took a Viagra knockoff… read more.


“The Body Forever” by Kristen Arnett

When you were young you ate paper, the scraps left over from spiral notebooks, the kind that left little shreds on the classroom floor. Sometimes you chewed on the glossy, colored pages of your math textbook… read more.

“Knaves & Whoresons” by Jalina Mhyana

“I suicide, I suicide!” he cried out, en pointe, as if strung up by an invisible rope lashed to a rafter in the heaven of the homeless shelter. His hands collared his strangulated neck, a frill of starched fingers… read more.


Patricia Smith

He had carefully chosen dull medals, god-edged
and boastful, earned in the service of murder,
and photo booth snaps of rollicking hi-town gals
with Hair-Repped crowns and mouths rumored
violent. Just there, barely secured in a yawning…read more.

Monica Wendel

I cried so much last night
that I was super skinny this morning
(water weight, whatever) (it’s what the scale said)
and I dreamt that we drove to West Virginia
to climb into a mountain… read more.

Brian Turner

Given a year adrift on the cold Pacific, the broken cities arrive
crushed, splintered, with all that the water upended
and carried out to sea, all that we might gather from the waves
washing in to the iceplant dunes along the California coast… read more.

Kenneth Hart

This morning the sky takes on the look of one of those inspirational calendars,
all illuminated-edged cumulous with light rays stabbing through like purifying swords,
His Glory in pastel script right about where my neighbor’s SUVs are parked out back… read more.