What Happened to Orlando?

Fiction / Anthology Paperback, Color Illustrations Release date: Dec. 2013

Fiction / Anthology
Paperback, Color Illustrations
Release date: Dec. 2013

Tales of Catastrophe & Dystopia by Orlando High Schoolers

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SYNOPSIS: When we asked local high schoolers to send us dystopian stories set in Orlando, over 300 students wrote back, proving that teens are more than happy to destroy the world and see their names in print.

In this collection of fifteen stories, mutant gators overrun the Shingle Creek Golf Resort, drunk robots tend to a long-abandoned Magic Kingdom, and swarms of vicious lovebugs escape from a lab at the University of Central Florida. That’s just to name a few of the dark and sometimes hilarious scenarios dreamed up by these talented young writers.

And, as always, each story is paired with our signature stark, black-and-red illustrations. This year’s art was done by Lesley Silvia.

BP’s teen publishing projects are a result of a collaboration with its sister program, Page 15. Page 15 provides free tutoring and creative writing programs to Orlando kids. Learn more here.


Microchip Apocalypse by Ally Friedman
Winter Park High School

After All by Zachary Kobrin
Trinity Preparatory School

Remembering the Orange Tree
by Anisha Gupte, West Orlando High School

Second Sun by Jacob Zimmerman
West Orange High School

You and Me and the End of the World
by Rose Helsinger, Boone High School

With Open Arms by Sannmit Shinde
Cypress Creek High School

The Love That Bites
by Annie Magee, Timber Creek High School

Shaken Grounds by Joshua Chang
Cypress Creek High School

Run, Boy, Run by Juliette Michaels
Winter Park High School

The Good Doctor by Katherine Ngo
Cypress Creek High School

Watery Grave by Keegan Muller
Cypress Creek High School

Science Has Failed Our World
by Trevor Tarnowski, Cypress Creek High School

Le Cirque Du Cauchemar by Sophia DuRose
Osceola School of the Arts

To the Max by Lona Nguyen
Colonial High School

High School of the Mindlress
by Jay Patel, Cypress Creek High School