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Second Wife, stories by Rita Cerisi
Published in partnership with The Florida Review’s Jeanne Leiby Prize, these interconnected vignettes and flash fictions by Flannery O’Connor Award-winning Rita Cerisi are a dark and piercing portrayal of womanhood, marriage, desire and estrangement.

Clean Time: The True Story of Ronald Reagan Middleton, a novel by Ben Gwin
A darkly comic satire of academia, celebrity culture, and recovery memoirs.

Advance praise: “Ben Gwin writes like F. Scott Fitzgerald high on meth and Clean Time is The Great Gatsby for a generation that thinks fame is the answer to every question.” –Lori Jakiela, author of Portrait of an Artist as a Bingo Worker

Worm Fiddling Nocturne in the Key of a Broken Heart, stories by Kimberly Lojewski
In this wildly imaginative debut collection, whimsical fairy tales of princesses and farm girls turn dark, and dark tales of mistreated sideshow freaks turn whimsical. An itinerant marionette falls prey to a lusty mesmerist. An alcoholic camp counselor is haunted by her dead best friend. A juvenile delinquent languishes in a boot camp run by authoritarian grandmas. Be they human monsters or reluctant moth-girls, the outcasts that populate these eleven compelling stories all long for escape, community, acceptance, and self-discovery.

Space Heart, a memoir by Linda Buckmaster
A memoir of growing up on the Space Coast in the 1960s with a heart condition and an alcoholic father.

Opening lines: “On July 24, 1950, Bumper V-2 blasts off a tiny hand-poured cement pad in the middle of the palmettos to become the first rocket launched from Cape Canaveral. As my mother waits out the sticky final months of her pregnancy with me two hundred miles down the coast in Miami, neither she nor my father realize this event will have anything to do with us…”