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15 Views of Orlando
fiction // anthology

Ed. Nathan Holic
Paperback, 184 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9849538-0-6
Release date: Jan. 31, 2012

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Praise for 15 Views of Orlando

“So this is Orlando! If I’d known what she was really like, I would have invited her to huff model car glue behind the 7-11 years ago.” ~Amelia Gray, author of THREATS (FSG)

“With all due respect to Mickey Mouse, 15 Views of Orlando is the best excuse for visiting Florida’s fifth largest city that I’ve come across. No two stories feel the same, yet they collectively constitute a hell of a cohesive narrative. It’s a highly entertaining read.”
~Dan Dunn, author of Living Loaded (Random House)

“If your idea of Orlando is the plastic idea of it, all Disney World and Holy Land dinner theater, you are in need of the Orlando as seen through the lens of its next generation of writers in 15 Views of Orlando. Yes, the pizzas grow to theme-park proportions, but the characters are real flesh and blood and alive and vibrant. Assembled
corpse-like, the 15 exciting, funny, and dark writers follow their characters throughout the city and its environs in a noirish picaresque that re-maps the literary imagination of Central Florida once and for all.”
~Jeff Parker, Ovenman (Tin House Books) & The Taste of Penny (Dzanc)

“While people who have lived in Orlando will appreciate 15 Views more than those who have not, lovers of short fiction will have no trouble finding something to feast on. The stories could just as easily have been drawn from any new metropolis where a darker underbelly hides beneath the glow of neon franchise signs.”
~Darrell Nicholson (full review at Saw Palm)

“I finished 15 Views of Orlando with a completely different perception of the city than when I started, which can’t be a bad thing. It’s an enjoyable collection, with a high standard of writing throughout – all the more impressive considering the strict time limit each writer had to adhere to. Orlando plays an important role in most of the stories but, thankfully, never at the expense of its inhabitants, and what could have been little more than a series of literary postcards are in fact a set of engaging, character-driven stories.”
~Ally Nichol (full review at PANK)

“This collection has reinvented the traditional responsibilities of literary stakeholders, and even its audience by challenging the reader to piece together interwoven story lines, fluctuating narrative voices, and alternating city locations.”
~Lavinia Ludlow (full review at The Nervous Breakdown)

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About the Editor

Nathan Holic is the author of the novels American Fraternity Man and The Things I Don’t See. He is the Graphic Narrative editor for the Florida Review, and the editor of Burrow Press’ 15 Views Series.

Gene Albamonte, Chris Wiewiora, J. Bradley, Dan Sinclair, Hunter Choate, Tom Debeauchamp, Jay Haffner, Ashley Ingunata, Chris Heavener, Jared Silvia, Lindsay Hunter, Philip F. Deaver, John King, Mark Pursell, and Vanessa Blakeslee.